How Is Team Empower Hour Different?

There are so many incredible Team Building Companies in this world and it certainly seems like a daunting task to try to choose the right one.  You my friend, have a tough choice ahead of you but I am hoping to make that choice a little bit easier.

Choosing The Best Team Building Company

I really feel where Team Empower Hour really shines is because each and every session is led by a successful and hardworking Olympian.  There is something called the Olympic Spirit and each Olympian we hire is overflowing with it.  Now I am well aware that not all Olympians connect with people.  I have seen Olympians conquer near impossible feats only to meet them and wonder where their personality went?  Sad, but true! Sooooooooo -  

Best of the Best Inspirational Olympians

We make sure that when you book with Team Empower Hour you are being inspired by one of our country’s top performing athletes as well as one of the most dynamic, engaging and enthusiastic Olympians out there!! 

The other thing that is so special about our Olympians is that they truly have dedicated their entire life to their sport, have been through numerous hardships and setbacks but have ultimately stepped onto the world’s biggest stage and NAILED IT!  Talk about grit, mental toughness and focus.  Now these are the people who you want leading your team building session.

Focused Team Building

Another thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we have 7 specific focuses for your attendees.  So, no matter what the goal of your meeting, conference, retreat, etc. is we have a focus that will work for you.  We have collaborated with experts in those very fields to ensure our content is cutting edge, then we have infused our own stories and Olympic experiences to help bridge the gap and BAM a winning combination for your corporate victory! 

Our Inspirational Sessions

Solidifying Your Mental Toughness + Focus
Empowering Every Team Member To Be A Leader
Goal Setting For Sustained Success
Communication Is Key
Mindfulness In The Workplace
Workout With An Olympian
Light The Fire Within!

Top Experiential Learning

And of course we couldn't sit still, we took all of this Olympic inspiration and focus and we put it all to movement.  And not just any movement mind you.  Activities, skills, tasks and games we used while training to be an Olympian.  It took a lot of creativity but we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt these activities so that MOST ability levels and ages can participate.  Our sessions are a safe, positive and encouraging space for attendees to try new things without being afraid or intimidated.

So now you see, you can hire anybody out there to lead a team building session, but just know, we made you proud when we put on our Olympic uniform, represented and competed for our country!  So please allow us to put on our Team Empower Hour uniform and make you proud again!!