Can Everyone Participate?

All Inclusive Team Building

We get this question ALL THE TIME!  We have some attendees that are not physically active and someone in a wheelchair, can everyone still participate?

This is a valid concern and one that we want to discuss openly.  Our sessions are not for everyone. However we think we do an excellent job of being inclusive.  The objective of our sessions is for attendees to leave feeling more empowered, confident and united as a team.  We know that physical activity can bring out personal insecurities so we do our absolute best to foster an environment where everyone feels included and safe from judgement.  As we discuss the needs of your event and the possible session you are interested in, this is a concern that needs to be brought to our attention. 

Customize Your Team Building Session

We have the ability to adapt our activities so everyone can participate and feel like they are contributing. If, during that process, we find that there are too many obstacles to overcome we might just not be the right fit for your teambuilding needs. And that is ok.  The priority here is that your team has a successful time together and if I can assist in finding another solution, I absolutely will. 

Best Team Building Activities

We have 7 fully customizable sessions to fit your needs with all kinds of engaging activities throughout.  Learn more about each of them by clicking on them.  The two with the lowest impact are Goal Setting For Sustained Success and Mindfulness In The Workplace.