Session Description

We have a unique and innovative approach to setting goals for success.  While most people put sentences or words on a piece of paper and call it good, we dive much deeper.  When you begin using all five of your senses to envision your success, it becomes real and attainable. We will focus on the end Product Goal as well as the much more important Process Goals that we can accomplish each and every day.

Session Length: 1 hour

Group Size: 1-50+ Attendees

Cost: Starting at $3,000

Session Focuses

  • Recognition of the “Monday Morning” effect

  • Using all of your 5 senses to set product goals

  • Making an executable plan by using product and process goals

Layout &
Hourly Breakdown

1st portion: Informative and extremely warm welcome

2nd portion: Captivating and entertaining walk down memory lane from Olympian, get to know your fabulous session leader.

3rd portion: The meat and potatoes of our session.  As a team we will go through the necessary steps to bring our goals to life. During this time we circle back to the session leaders Olympic successes and how your attendees bridge the important gap to corporate victory.

4th portion: In conclusion we have one finishing activity to help solidify our goals and goal setting process. In addition, we always hand out an important and thoughtful take home gift for each attendee.

  • Setting budgets and forecasting goals

  • Enhancing time management skills

  • Acknowledging your true vision and focus

  • Workforce never meeting goals or hitting bonuses

  • Understanding and fulfilling expactations

Best Situations To Use This Session

Any size venue that fits all of your attendees in either classroom, banquet, boardroom, U Shape or theatre style seating.  We will be drawing and writing so each attendee must have a hard surface to write on.

Venue Size

Very Low
We move around a little bit but most of this session will be seated.  

Participant Activity Level

You can wear anything from traditional, formal work attire all the way down to super casual attire.

Suggested Attire