All of us have fought tirelessly and overcome countless setbacks for the chance to compete wearing the Team USA uniform on the world’s biggest stage – the Olympic Games.  We all know what it means to have a dream so big it seems almost impossible to reach.  We also know what it means to take that dream and put a plan into place as to how to get there, both physically and mentally.

The most important thing that an Olympian does is execute brilliantly when the pressure is at its highest.  Whether it is down to a split second, a fraction of a point, or mere inches, we know what it takes to WIN! 

That is just where our journey begins.  Since retiring from competition we realized we were so much more than just athletes, all of us have a passion for sharing, teaching and inspiring others to be champions too.  We know what skills and teamwork it took for us to succeed in the Olympics are the very same skills and teamwork it takes to succeed in business. 

From health and wellness, to persevering in the face of adversity and believing in your own mental toughness, let us help you to achieve an Olympic level of success within your own team.  We have represented you proudly wearing red, white and blue, and now give us that same opportunity to do so again in your organization. 


Shannon Bahrke Happe

CIO – Chief Inspiration Olympian

Shannon Bahrke Happe is a 3 Time Olympian and 2 Time Olympic Medalist in the sport of freestyle mogul skiing. Shannon has continued to share her love of skiing with people as the Ski Champion for Deer Valley Resort.  She is also a successful entrepreneur, business owner, public speaker, and proud wife and Mom.  Her passion for greatness has taken her all over the world and she is now focused on helping others make their dreams become a reality too by creating and leading the charge for Team Empower Hour.