Olympic Skier Kikkan Randall

Meet our OTHER favorite pink haired Olympic Skier - Kikkan Randall

I have had the pleasure of being a teammate with Kikkan Randall on 3 Olympic teams and she is now in the pursuit of making her 5th Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018.  I will be cheering for her every step of the way.  She is a cross country athlete and has the biggest biceps AND a smile to match!  She took some time out of her busy training schedule and life as a Mom to answer a few questions for us.  Thank you so much Kikkan for not only being an incredible competitor but you set the example on what it means to be a kind and thoughtful human!!  

What Made You Fall In Love With Cross Country Skiing And What Has Kept You Going All Of These Years?

After trying many sports I fell in love with cross country skiing because it was the culmination of everything I loved from my other activities.  I got the mental and physical challenge like running, I got the speed and agility and team component from soccer, I got to go fast down the hills like alpine racing. I was also intrigued by fact that no American woman has ever won an Olympic medal in cross country skiing and I was motivated to try and be the first!  I am still chasing that goal of an Olympic medal as I try and make my 5th Olympic team.  But what’s even more motivating now is that I want to try to help my team win a medal in one of the relay events.  Having a team on the line is more motivating than anything I’ve ever done individually!

What Has Changed Now That You Are Traveling And Competing As A Mom?


Now that my time is no longer just my own I have to be smarter about planning out my days and making the most of every minute.  I don’t take my training time or recovery for granted and I love that I can come home to my smiling little boy no matter whether I win or lose.  Being a mother has given me a new perspective in life and a greater gratitude for my family and my sport.

What is Your Favorite Team Moment?  

Winning the World Championship team sprint in 2013 with my teammate Jessie Diggins.  We were a dark horse for a medal and skied smart and gutsy through the race to take America’s first ever Cross Country world championship gold medal.  It was so incredible to share this accomplishment with our entire team.

What Do You Do To Pay It Forward?  

I am the President of Fast and Female USA, an organization dedicated to inspiring girls to stay in sports for life.  We host inspirational fitness events across the US pairing top female elite athletes with our participants, girls ages 8-18, and leading them through engaging fitness challenges and sharing inspirational stories.  We aim to build a circle of inspiration where today’s participants become tomorrow’s leaders.

What Is Your Favorite Go To Breakfast?  

A big omelette made of 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, 2 slices of Canadian Bacon, 1/4 shredded cheese, and my favorite veggies: spinach, mushrooms, orange pepper, and red onion.  I add on a side of 2 slices of multi-grain toast with a little butter and cinnamon sugar on my bigger training days.  Oh, and an Americano made from my beloved espresso machine!