Session Description

Have you ever the chance to workout with an Olympian?  Probably not, which is why this session is so extraordinary.  We fit in a dynamic warmup, exhilarating workout and proper cooldown that is designed for all abilities and ages.  We use limited equipment and work with partners to enhance teamwork and out of the box exercises to keep it fresh and innovative.  Learn a new exercise or two that helped us bring home the GOLD!

Session Length: 1 hour

Group Size: 1-50+ Attendees

Cost: Starting at $3,000

Session Focuses

  • Don’t be intimidated, we all start at the beginning

  • Recognizing your very own potential

  • Never give up, grit is the key

Layout &
Hourly Breakdown

1st portion: Informative and extremely warm welcome

2nd portion: Captivating and entertaining walk down memory lane from Olympian, get to know your fabulous session leader.

3rd portion: The meat and potatoes of our session.  We will do an interactive workout with lots of hands on teaching and explaining.  Music is loud, muscles are working and teamwork is at its highest. 

4th portion: In conclusion we high five, hug (maybe not in this session) and shake hands with one another and know that your attendees are returning back to the workplace having been put to the test.  With grit, perseverance and realized potential your attendees can accomplish ANYTHING!  In addition to all of this, we always hand out an important and thoughtful take home gift for each attendee.

  • Encouraging workforce to live a healthier lifestyle

  • Wanting health & wellness integrated with conference

  • Low workplace morale

  • Encouraging your team to step out of their comfort zone

  • Fun team incentive

Reason You May Need This Session

  • 725 sq ft – up to 15 attendees

  • 1,500 sq ft – up to 30 attendees

  • 2,200 sq ft – up to 50 attendees

Venue Size

This is a workout session so everyone will get their bodies moving, blood flowing and sweat accordingly!!  That being said, each workout exercise has several options to accommodate a wide range of athletic abilities.  From the beginner to the advances this session will be a lot of fun.  As always we can customize to fit the needs of your attendees.

Participant Activity Level

We suggest workout and athletic type shoes and clothing. 


  • Tennis shoes.

  • Breathable athletic shorts or pants.

  • Breathable athletic tank tops or t shirts.

Suggested Attire