Session Description

What makes great individuals successful?  We believe that when times get hard or the pressure is mounting or the decisions are critical, successful people will focus on the changes that need to be made, even in the face of mounting negative consequences.  Mental toughness and focus is not something we are born with but rather a skill we can learn and develop.  In this session, we will start learning and understanding what it takes to put these skills into action.

Session Length: 1 hour

Group Size: 1-50+ Attendees

Cost: Starting at $3,000

Session Focuses

  • Practicing Perfectly

  • Accountability

  • Focus

  • Positivity

Layout &
Hourly Breakdown

1st portion: Informative and extremely warm welcome

2nd portion: Captivating and entertaining walk down memory lane from Olympian, get to know your fabulous session leader.

3rd portion: The meat and potatoes of our session.  As a team we will execute 3 or 4 fun, dynamic and relevant activities that bring our session focus to life.  During this time we circle back to the session leaders Olympic successes and how your attendees bridge the important gap to corporate victory.

4th portion: In conclusion we high five, hug and shake hands with one another and know that your attendees are returning back to the workplace empowered and inspired to achieve GREAT things.  In addition to all of this, we always hand out an important and thoughtful take home gift for each attendee.

  • Overcoming setbacks and obstacles

  • Struggling sales force

  • Having trouble reaching goals

  • Developing stronger and more focused leaders

  • Overwhelmed and overworked workforce

You Need, We Help!

  • 725 sq ft – up to 15 attendees

  • 1,500 sq ft – up to 30 attendees

  • 2,200 sq ft – up to 50 attendees

Venue Size

We definitely get moving during this session, however most physical ability levels and ages can perform most of the activities.  As always we can customize to fit the needs of your attendees.

Participant Activity Level

We suggest athletic type shoes and comfy loose clothing.  Business casual & Casual business attire work as long as the appropriate shoes are worn.


  • Tennis shoes or casual shoes.

  • Golf shorts, khaki shorts, athletic shorts. Pants work too if they are comfy and breathable.

  • T shirts, athletic shirts, golf type shirts. Again, long sleeves work too, if they are comfy and breathable.

Suggested Attire