What You Can Expect From Your Team Empower Hour Experience

Team Empower Hour Expectations

Teamwork really does make the dream work which is why we want you and your team to have an incredibly positive experience with us, here at Team Empower Hour.  We know what winning teams can accomplish, the sky is the limit.  But first we must take care of the individual and we want to make sure that each and every one of your team members comes away from one of our sessions feeling: 



EMPOWERED.  Sometimes in life we just go through the motions doing what we know and what we are comfortable with.  In our sessions we encourage your team members to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  You never know when you will experience a moment in which you will find the strength and confidence to accomplish things you once thought impossible.  Once someone understands what the feeling of empowerment is, it can be translated into many other aspects of their life, especially in the work place. 

Empowered, Bring. It. On.   


CONFIDENT.  A lot of the things we do in our Team Empower Hour sessions are new to people.  And at first a little intimidating.  However, with the encouragement of their fellow team members, each individual slowly starts to improve their skills, giving them an inner and outer confidence that was absent at the beginning of the session.  Gaining confidence in areas where you didn’t even see it coming is exactly what is needed to be successful in ALL types of situations. 

Confident, Yes. You. Can.   


SUPPORTED. Sometimes, in both large and small teams people don’t know where to go for support.  A lack of trusted and genuine relationships can devastate a team and hinder the success they can ultimately achieve.  In our sessions, we create an environment in which each team member is feeling supported by one one another and encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone.  Each team must grow together and be behind one another, especially when the difficult times surface. 

Supported, We. Got. You.   


REJUVENATED.  We know that sitting all day long takes a serious toll on your mind and body, especially if you are trying to retain lots of new information, trying to be creative or cultivating new and fresh ideas.  With just sixty minutes of getting out of your chair and moving around, this will make all of the difference in the world.  Getting your heart pumping, making genuine connections with your team mates and making your body simply move, you will be blown away at the increased energy level of your team.  You are taking the time to invest BIG in your team, make sure they retain all of that valuable information! 

Rejuvenated, Ready. To. Go. 


United.  Everyone wants to feel like a valuable member to their team.  Each person has something unique and special to offer their teammates and sometimes they are unsure of where their true value lies.  In our sessions, we try to fully embrace the talents of each individual and give them a fresh new perspective and respect for their fellow team members.  People shine in all kinds of ways and how they execute as a team is where the magic lies. 

United, In. It. Together. 


DETERMINED. Each successful team is made up of determined individuals.  When faced with difficult obstacles or activities we cultivate an environment that allows each team member to push through and find success on multiple levels.  The sense of accomplishment and sweet success when a goal is achieved is even greater when you’ve needed grit, determination and perseverance to get there.  We hope this newfound determination transfers forward to the goals they have set in the workplace! 

Determined, Can’t. Stop. Me.   


INSPIRED.  Inside each of us is a desire to achieve great things, and sometimes it just takes a moment, a person or an experience to ignite that desire.  Our goal is to set the stage so that a special moment or interaction occurs during one of our sessions.  We want each and every person to be inspired to dream bigger, work harder and achieve goals they didn’t think were possible!! 

Inspired, Faster. Higher. Stronger.

If you think your team needs a little of the above, we would love to help you find and schedule a Team Empower Hour session that fits your team perfectly. Here is a link to 7 of the sessions we currently offer.  Thank you so much and have a terrific day!!

Shannon Happe