6 Inspirational Ways To Improve Employee Morale In The Workplace


Inspirational Ways To Inspire Your Team To Greatness

Are you noticing a decrease in employee productivity, increased sick days or are your team members simply not engaged at work?  There are many ways an organization, large and small, can make their employees and team members feel appreciated AND empowered on a budget.  Here are just a few ways to engage your team and bring back the pep in their step!! 

Index Card Accolades

Sometimes employees only feel valued or recognized when they are at the end of a project or they hit a certain goal, so it’s important for people to feel appreciated every step of the way.  So how do you do this?  Bring your entire team together and have them write their full name on 3 index cards and put them in a hat.  Then each person draws 3 cards out of the hat (can’t choose their own) and writes 2 or 3 things they appreciate or recognize as a job well done for each of those 3 names.  Encourage them to go into detail.  This may seem like a small thing but it truly goes a long way when they know that our actions and efforts are being appreciated within the team! 

An Impromptu Cupcake Party

**  You must include a few vegan and gluten free ones too, lol

Who doesn’t love cupcakes??  We ALL love cupcakes, especially when it’s a surprise!  Of course this seems like a no brainer but there is a catch, you can’t just have everyone take a cupcake at their leisure.  You need to gather your entire team into one room and the person who brought the cupcakes takes 1 of the cupcakes out and hands it to one of their teammembers.  While doing so, they must say one thing they admire about them and what a great job they are doing at work.  That person then picks up a cupcake and does the same thing with another one of their teammates and so on and so forth until every team member has a cupcake.  A delicious treat with an even sweeter message!! 

An afternoon Of Chair Massages

For teams that are constantly under pressure this is essential.  There are a lot of companies out there that offer this type of service, just give them a jingle.  Even with just 10 or 15 minutes in a chair having your shoulders and back rubbed may make all of the difference in the world.  But like always, you have to go one step further.  Have a sheet of paper in the area where everyone must write something they are trying to do each and every day to help their team be more successful.  At the end of the session all of those can be read back to the team as a whole.  This can be a huge boost in moral to know how every single team member is doing their part and working extra hard to achieve their goal!! 

Take A Walk Outside In The Fresh Air

A walk as a team in the sunshine will have more of an impact than you can imagine.  Even if it’s just a walk around the building or if you work where you can go on a half hour walk, DO IT!!  Give your walk a purpose and chat about topics that inspire each other to get to know one another outside the workplace.  Some initial talking points can be – If you had one super power what would it be and why?  If you could choose a sixth sense, what would it be and why?  If you could meet one famous person who would it be and why?  A few ideas to get the juices flowing or you can create your own.   You will find that when people know more about one another they are more likely to trust them and collaborate with them more in the workplace!!

Choose A Charity To Give To

People always support what they help create!  Sooooo allow your employees to choose a charity they want to come together on and help support.  Since a lot of charities don’t require a cash donation, your team can be creative in who they choose.  Donating books or used clothing.  Toys for kids or canned goods.  Lots of ways to make a difference in the community while coming together as a stronger team!!  

Pay It Forward

I always believe that we need to treat one another how we want to be treated and there is no better way to get the ball rolling than by “paying it forward.”  First, have everyone write their name and put it in a hat.  Then, everyone chooses one name and they must secretly do something incredibly nice and thoughtful for that person.  It’s a bit like Secret Santa as you want to remain anonomous.  Put a time limit on it and see what unfolds.  You may notice that people may want to keep paying it forward over and over again! 


And there you have it.  Just a few simple and cost effective ways you can help boost the morale of your team.  The most important thing in your workplace is happy people because happy people are more willing to truly Go For Gold!! 

Shannon Happe