5 Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Here at Team Empower Hour we have so much to be thankful for.  I hope you are spending some quality time with the people you love and eating a delicious meal that brings back childhood memories.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I think it focuses on all of the important things in life – showing gratitude, spending time with loved ones and nourishing our body with a home cooked meal.  So with gratitude in mind, here are the top 5 things we are Thankful for.


5 - Providing Other Olympians With Jobs and Opportunities

One of the main reasons I started Team Empower Hour was to share my lessons, setbacks, and my Olympic journey with corporate America in a way that was different to anything currently on the market.  And as my idea started to take shape I knew that I was creating a platform that I could involve retired Olympians and help them bridge the gap between competition and a traditional job.  As Olympians, we have had a single focus for almost our entire life, usually we don’t retire with a college education and yet we are already in our late 20s or early 30s.  We’ve never held a “real job” and life can turn pretty dark, pretty quickly.  So, as my company grows I will be able to hire and help as many Olympians as I can in hopes they find a permanent home with Team Empower Hour or at least help them find their “what’s next.”  I am working tirelessly to grow my company so I can help as many Olympians as possible!!!

4 - Sharing the Importance of Exercise and Activity

Being active, getting my heart pumping, breathing hard, sweating, getting stronger in the gym and a dedication to fitness is a gift that I believe keeps on giving.  Exercise and activity has taken me around the world in ways that I never thought possible and I had no idea how much it was missing in today’s corporate America.  Being able to share this love with others and have them embrace it as well is something that makes me smile daily.  To release endorphins and feel our body move is so important and I am thankful that I get to bring awareness to this incredible experience.

3 - Inspiring Others To Achieve Greatness

As an Olympian I put an astonishing amount of work in behind the scenes, when no one was looking, when people doubted my ability, wrote me off and counted me out.  But given a few extraordinary opportunities to shine, I allowed that hard work to come to the forefront and was able to execute when it counted the most.  I know inside each person, there is that same work ethic and same ability to shine but sometimes it just needs to be uncovered.  I love that I can share my story with others in hopes that they too will strive for greatness!!

2 - Helping People Overcome Their Fears

I know that trying new and difficult things in front of other peers and team members is extremely vulnerable and scary.  In each and every one of our sessions there is always at least one hesitant individual that does NOT want to participate.  Slowly over the hour we have together, to see that individual not only come out of their shell but actually allow their team to HELP them be brave is something I cherish!!  Those individuals go back to work with a newfound confidence in themselves and more importantly I know that their team members have a deeper respect for that individual.  I almost cried watching a lady, being held up by her team and cheering her on, balancing on a bosu ball (something she NEVER thought she would be able to do).  She walked with her head held high from that moment on.  Seriously, this is life changing stuff and it makes me smile from ear to ear. 

1 - Connecting With People

Every session we execute we get to meet incredible people from all over the country and even around the world.  My love of different nationalities, cultures and personalities is really what makes our world go round and I am thankful for each and every person I have had the pleasure of working with!  To make a connection with another person is very special and we are lucky to get to do this day after day!

If we resonate with your corporate culture and would like to hire us to do a session with your team please click below and we look forward to working with you!!