Fast As Ice - Jean Racine Prahm

Bobsled Superstar Jean Racine Prahm

I first met Jean right before the 2002 Winter Olympic Games through a mutual friend of ours (Olympic Gold Medalist) Tristan Gale.  At first she was really intimidating because she was one of the "superstar" athletes I've always longed to meet.  Thank goodness though - instantly we were inseperable and it was extremely inspiring to watch her compete in one of the craziest winter sports ever - bobsled!   Now she has an incredible husband and three beautiful children.  She took some time away from her family to answer some questions for us!

Prahm, 2005 Calgary World Cup.jpg

What Is The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame During Your Career?

The biggest obstacle I overcame during my career was having women’s bobsled to be recognized as an Olympic discipline. When I decided to become a bobsledder, I knew that it wasn’t an Olympic sport for women, but I also knew that is should be! Female bobsledders from all over the world came together with a common goal of having the chance to represent their country at the Olympic games. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the early growth of the sport and I will never forget what an honor it was to be a member of the first ever women’s bobsled team!

Why Did Bobsledding Capture Your Heart?

Bobsledding captured my heart as a young teenager. I was recruited into the Sport of Luge when I was just 13 years old. Being a part of the luge team gave me the opportunity to learn luge/bobsled track all over the world through my high school years. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet a few of the U.S. women bobsledders and see them race. I was immediately drawn to the sport when I saw this race, and how much the athletes were having. There is no moment in sport more exciting to watch, then the moment when a bobsled comes screaming past you around 90 miles per hour. The sled is on a massive iced track with curves so tall, the g-forces put the sled up above your head. 

What Does Teamwork Mean To You? 

Teamwork means being a part of something bigger than yourself. It also means working hard together for a common goal. 

If You Could Have One Superpower What Would It Be?

If I could have one super power it would be lightning speed!  This would have come in handy at the start of a bobsled race. A bobsled can travel up to 92-93 mph with a solid push at the start, and fast ice. This results in it taking around one minute to travel down the mile long track. If I could run at lightning speed at the start, my finish times would crush the competition!