Does Team Building Really Work?

Team Building Success Stories


"I have a group of extremely successful CEOs and I don't know if they will "buy in" to your team building session, please help!"

I get this ALL the time from worried event planners and HR Directors as they tell me they have done this sort of thing before and their executives hated it.  What to do?  My response is this: 

Team Building Engagement Is Key

Usually when people walk through the door their arms are crossed and no one is really talking. I see a few eye rolls and they look like I am about to torture them into complete boredom.  I take a deep breath and give them every ounce of the Olympic spirit I have.  I set the expectation that it is ok to let your macho guard down and have some fun.  Once we talk about what it means to be an Olympian or what it felt like to stand in the Olympic gate with 2.3 billion people watching the attitudes start to change.  Inspiration is starting to set in.  Then when we get into the activities and they find out that these were real practices we used to be the best in the world. Then their buy in starts to get real. Smiles slowly form and I sense a collective ahhhhhh, this actually might be pretty fun and bring me closer to my colleagues!  A few more stories, a few more activities and soon enough everyone is fully engaged and not wanting to go home.

Team Building Challenges

So I challenge you, if you think your group is too difficult and might not buy in, let me give it a whirl and see if I can break through. I’ll let you be the hero!!

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