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In order to have a team that performs at an elite level we all must be able to dream big, plan meticulously and execute brilliantly.  To accomplish this goal we must build and enhance the skill set of the whole team, starting with the health and wellness of each individual. 

We have an exclusive team of Olympians and Experts who have custom built our sessions together to guarantee a successful corporate experience.  Each Olympian has proven that they have the vision, drive and perseverance to achieve success on the greatest stage in the world.  Our experts are an integral part of this collaboration.  With their specialized knowledge and expertise, they bridge the gap from Olympic achievement to corporate victory. 

Allow our Olympians to lead you through one or all of our experiential learning sessions that will inspire your team to greatness and empower them to execute these skills each and every day in your organization!!

Corporate Team Building Individual Sessions in Park City
Corporate Team Building Individual Sessions in Salt Lake
Teamwork MAkes the Dream Work


Light The Fire Within!

People support what they help create and with this inspiring opening session your team will learn how important it is to support one another, improve team communication and build trusting relationships.  We cultivate a space where each individual is recognized, feels important and can succeed within their team.  Nurturing a positive and enthusiastic work environment is key and in this session we fill the room with inspiration, fun and empowerment.

Solidifying Your Mental Toughness + Focus

What makes great individuals successful?  We believe that when times get hard or the pressure is mounting or the decisions are critical, successful people will focus on the changes that need to be made, even in the face of mounting negative consequences.  Mental toughness and focus is not something we are born with but rather a skill we can learn and develop.  In this session we will start learning and understanding what it takes to put these skills into action.

Empowering Every Team Member to Be A Leader

The key to success is not to have one great leader in a team, but rather having a team of leaders that work well with one another.  We will teach the set of skills that will enable an individual to succeed not only once, but to keep on succeeding. 

Goal Setting for sustained success

We have a unique and innovative approach to setting goals for success.  While most people put sentences or words on a piece of paper and call it good, we dive much deeper.  When you begin using all five of your senses to envision your success, it becomes real and attainable. We will focus on the end Product Goal as well as the much more important Process Goals that we can accomplish each and every day.

Communication is Key

The most successful communication between team members is not about the words we communicate to each other and more about HOW we communicate our words to each other.  In this session we will learn about what factors make a great communicator and how the words we choose in each interaction can inspire your team to success.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Workplace stress is looming around every corner and how to manage it more mindfully is extraordinarily important to the success of your team.  In this session we will learn how to identify what is triggering your stress, the different techniques to help you regain your composure and focus your efforts on those crucial tasks you can control. 

WORKOUT with an olympian

Have you ever had the chance to workout with an Olympian?  Probably not, which is why this session is so extraordinary.  We fit in a dynamic warmup, exhilarating workout and a proper cool down that is designed for all abilities and ages.  We use limited equipment and work with partners to enhance teamwork and out of the box exercises to keep it fresh and innovative.  Learn a new exercise or two that helped an Olympian bring home the GOLD! 


Led by an Olympian

Each session is led by an exceptional Olympian who will inspire and empower your employees to achieve success in whatever they dream possible.

Hour Long Sessions

Each session has a maximum impact around one hour, however we can accommodate the special needs of your organization if necessary.

Collaboration with Experts

We know the return on your investment is crucial and is exactly why we have custom built our sessions with experts in their field.  This ensures that the content we are delivering to your team is innovative, results based and proven.

Small Groups

We work in small groups to maximize learning team interaction and performance based support.

All Inclusive

You don’t need to lift a finger.  We bring all of the necessary inspiration and materials to execute our sessions brilliantly.

Inside or Outside

Wherever you are, we can accommodate most spaces both inside and outside.

corporate team building led by an olympian in utah


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