Session Description

In today’s fast paced work environment it seems like we put everything first and our very own health and wellness last.  In this session we learn how to eliminate the noise all around us and learn to cook the healthy foods that fuel our body.   These things enable us to live more mindfully and allow us to focus on the most crucial tasks you can control. 

Session Length: 3 hours

Group Size: 1-30 Attendees

Cost: Starting at $5,000

Session Focuses

MAIN FOCUS: Cultivating a healthier work environment

Team Empower Hour Portion - 
Mindfulness in the workplace

  • Breathing exercises
  • Movements you can do at your desk
  • Full body muscle relaxation with positive affirmations

Salt Lake Culinary Center Portion -
Cooking healthy foods for a healthy lifestyle

  • Discovering superfoods
  • Cultivating a healthy kitchen
  • How do we 'act' or 'react' to food (fueling vs grazing)

Session & Time Breakdown

Introduction: Informative and extremely warm welcome

1st portion with Team Empower Hour (approximately 1 hour) : 
As a team we will execute 3 or 4 fun, dynamic and relevant activities that bring our session focus to life.  During this time we circle back to the session leaders Olympic successes and how your attendees bridge the important gap to corporate victory.

2nd portion with Salt Lake Culinary Center (approximately 1 hour) : 
In this portion we will head over to our state of the art open teaching kitchen.  We will be learning about healthy choices, proper cooking techniques and expanding our culinary adventure.  We will also be using teamwork to strategize, prepare and cook a healthy AND delicious meal for everyone to enjoy. 

Wrap Up & Conclusion (approximately 1 hour): During this time we will FINALLY get to eat the delicious meal we have exercised prior to AND worked in the kitchen so hard to prepare.  We will do a session wrap up discussion and talk about key takeaways and successes we achieved during our time together.  As always, we have a meaningful gift that will be given to all of the attendees.  

  • Elevate team spirit and morale
  • Increase team bonding and help build trusting relationships
  • A reward for hitting a big goal or incentive for goals that were just put in place
  • Show team appreciation
  • Build and enhance corporate culture

You Need, We Help!

We will be hosting you and your team at:

Salt Lake Culinary Center
2233 South 300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

(801) 464-0113


We definitely get moving during this session both in the active portion as well as in the kitchen, however most physical ability levels and ages can perform most of the activities.  As always we can customize to fit the needs of your attendees.

Participant Activity Level

We suggest athletic type shoes and comfy loose clothing.  Business casual & Casual business attire work as long as the appropriate shoes are worn.


  • Tennis shoes or casual shoes.
  • Golf shorts, khaki shorts, athletic shorts.  Pants work too if they are comfy and breathable.
  • T shirts, athletic shirts, golf type shirts.  Again, long sleeves work too, if they are comfy and breathable.

Suggested Attire