At Team Empower Hour we know that one of the most important factors when building an incredible corporate retreat or conference is budget. We have a few variables (venue, number of attendees and add- ons) that will determine the cost of your Team Empower Hour session.  Let’s navigate through them so you can make the best decision for your team. 

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- STEP 1 -


We are more than happy to discuss available options and help you choose a venue space.  We do have our favorites!!  We are also happy to assist with the booking process and any other needs you may have in regards to the venue.  Please note: the venue fee is separate from our Team Empower Hour pricing.

A Few Things To Think About Regarding Venues

  • Our Setup and Teardown Timelines.  For the majority of our sessions we will need an empty room, or as close to empty as possible.  We need about 30 minutes to set up our equipment in the room, but prefer an hour.  If there are chairs, tables, etc... they will need to be moved out.  If time is of the essence, we can set up outside the event space and it takes about 15-20 minutes to move everything inside.  We can break down and be out of the space in about 30 minutes.
  • The Size of Venue We Need.  We try our best to work with your venue size but this is a good outline of what kind of space we need to move around and have some fun.
    • 725 sq ft – up to 15 attendees
    • 1,500 sq ft – up to 30 attendees
    • 2,200 sq ft – up to 50 attendees
    • TBD – above 50 attendees

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We know that each corporation we work has different needs and also the number of attendees varies.  We have a few different options to accommodate your group size.  Let’s discuss them.

  • 1-50 Attendees.  All of our sessions have been designed to have the greatest Olympian interaction and impact at around 30 attendees, but are more than happy to accommodate your group of 50.  This way we can really deliver on our objective which is to ensure your attendees leave feeling empowered, confident, and most importantly inspired and connected to the Olympian leading your session!!  These sessions start at $3,000 and are based upon the number of attendees. 

  • 1 - 500+ Attendees (option 1).  We have two sessions (Goal Setting For Sustained Success & Mindfulness In The Workplace) that can be done in a presentation style format (think keynote speech meets the 7th inning stretch at a baseball game) for a dynamic and engaging hour.  These sessions work best for attendees that are already seated at tables - with a stage, microphone and projector primed for a speaker to inspire the room.  ** Note for these large group sessions we DO NOT need to clear the room, we keep it as it is.  These sessions start at $3,000 and are based upon the number of attendees. 

  • 1 - 500+ Attendees (option 2).  You have a large group (say 250 attendees) and you want to break your attendees up into smaller groups of 30 (marketing team, sales team, executive team, etc.).  We can still accommodate you!!  We can run each small group at a time consecutively one after the other in one day or we can do it over the length of your event.  So maybe we run the same hourly session (Communication is Key) for 4 hours (with 30 attendees each) the first day of your event and we come back the next day and run your other 4 groups in 4 consecutive hours.  Make sense?    For this type of session format, we would usually do a per attendee fee that breaks down to around $55 - $65 per attendee. 

- STEP 3 -


We know that bringing your event full circle is important which is why we offer a few other experiences you can either do A La Carte or add on to your Team Empower Hour session.

  • Olympic Medal Experience.  Most of our guests have never met an Olympian let alone had the opportunity to see and HOLD a real Olympic medal.  This is an experience that really seals the deal and solidifies this as a once in a lifetime opportunity!  This includes a 30 minute photo opp and autograph session?  This experience starts at $500. 
  • Meet & Greet Olympian Experience.  Are you throwing a Welcome Reception, Cocktail Party or Celebratory Dinner?  Of course you are, because what would a fun event be without a celebration somewhere in the mix.  We can have one of our dynamic, outgoing and entertaining Olympians join you at your party and engage with your guests for a really up close and personal experience.  We can work with you to see what your needs are and how we can best accommodate them.  This experience starts at $1,500.
  • Olympic Keynote Speeches.  We love a keynote speech that ties together the entire event and leaves your attendees inspired to achieve greater success.  Our Olympians are the perfect choice.  We have several Olympians that consistently receive rave reviews on their speeches and accolades on how well they connected and interacted with their audiences.  A typical keynote speech is 45 mins with 15 mins of Q & A.  Of course we can customize this to fit your needs and objectives.  This experience starts at $3,000.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Here at Team Empower Hour we want to make sure that your experience is World Class and that we make sure once we agree to work together that we take care of the rest.  So here is what is included in our pricing:

  • PHONE CALLS.  As many phone calls as necessary to help you choose a session that is right for your event.  We will discuss the focus of your event, what key take-aways are important to you and what activities during our session are right for your group.  We know that your event is unique and want to address those needs appropriately. 
  • A LIVE GOOGLE DOC.  Once you have signed our service agreement a google document is built with ALL of the information that is needed to execute our session flawlessly.  As this is a live document that you have access to, you have the ability to change pertinent information, make sure our session focus is on point, adjust plans and timing, etc. This will be a document so that everyone involved knows what to expect and what is expected of them on the day of execution. 
  • EQUIPMENT.  We bring all of the necessary elements and equipment to execute our session brilliantly.  This includes:
    • Sound system so we have fun music and to ensure attendees have no problem hearing what the session leader is saying
    • Banners and flags for an inspirational surrounding
    • Water for attendees
    • All of the activities and games equipment we will use throughout the hour
    • A physical take home gift to keep the inspiration going long after our session ends
  • FOLLOW UP.  We want to ensure that your event was exactly as planned and hopefully we exceeded your expectations.  We will also have a place to leave feedback if you feel so inclined.
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