Why Are Team Empower Hour Sessions Only An Hour?

Why are Team Empower Hour sessions only an hour you ask?  Well let me help you by answering this simple question! 

Perfectly Planned Conferences


When you think about it, during a typical day most meals, activities, meeting and physical workouts are basically an hour.  So when we came up with the concept of Olympian inspired teambuilding it was only natural for us to stay consistent with what is already working for most people and organizations. 

Important Elements of Team Building

We know that when a company spends a significant amount of money to bring all of their employees or team members together, time = money.  So we try to give you the best bang for your buck and pack as much Olympic inspiration and movement into an hour as possible.  We deliver three incredible elements simultaneously 1) Your attendees continue learning by having a true session focus (we have 7 different sessions to choose from) 2) We integrate health and wellness into your meeting and 3) we encourage a special connection between attendees and empower them to dream big and accomplish their goals - all in just one hour! 

Efficient Corporate Conferences and Retreats

I see time and time again companies wanting to get their teams up and moving but it requires them to get on a bus, go to another location, hire an expensive guide or leader AND the only activities offered usually take 3 or more hours.  So not only is this extremely time consuming it is ridiculously expensive!  While this may work for a few companies, we wanted to take the stress, time commitment and cost out of the equation by coming directly to you and engaging your team in a timely fashion so you can quickly and efficiently get back to business. 

Customized Team Building Sessions

There certainly is the option to make our sessions a little shorter or a little longer depending on your needs and we are more than happy to do so.  Trust me, we have enough Olympic Inspiration to keep on going for 8 hours straight if that is what you desire.  LOL. 

1 hour = perfection.  At least to us, which is why we put it in our name! 

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Shannon Happe