Are We Going To Get Sweaty?


Physical Activity Level In Our Team Building Sessions

Sooooooo, a Team Empower Hour session looks like a ton of fun.  And you have a hunch that your employees or coworkers would really enjoy it. BUT, you have one nagging question in the back of your mind and you need to know the answer before you book it..... Are we going to get sweaty?  

My simple answer is this: NO.  But MAYBE.  And then DEFINITELY YES!  Let's dive a little deeper shall we.

Low Impact and Minimal Physical Activity

First let's start off with: NO. We have built each session (except for the Workout With An Olympian) understanding that attendees will be in proper work attire, with their hair done, and not wanting to be stinky and smelly after an hour with us.  These sessions have also been designed for MOST ages, activity levels and abilities.  So while we will be moving around and engaging in light physical activities, we will not be pumping iron, getting buffed or running sprints.  However, may I suggest that if you really want no possibility of breaking a sweat, that you choose either our Mindfulness In The Workplace session or our Goal Setting For Sustained Success session.

Medium Level Physical Exertion Team Building

And now I move on to MAYBE.  When you are having fun and engaging with your team, your pace picks up and all of a sudden you are really giving things your all: Laughing, smiling, high-fiving and truly going for Gold.  Or, the room we are in isn’t quite as cool as it seemed.  Or the sun is beaming in through the windows.  Or maybe we are outside and it’s warmer than usual.  It’s possible any of these scenarios could lead to some ever-so-gentle perspiration. So why not come prepared for that inadvertent shine? If possible I suggest advising your attendees to wear something breathable like a polo top, active shorts and athletic foot wear.  I cannot tell a lie: sometimes we jog or jump so the ladies might want to adjust if necessary, if you know what I mean!  To take full advantage of our sessions together be prepared to elevate your heartbeat and enjoy the endorphins that go along with a little bit of physical activity. 

High Intensity Tons Of Fun Team Building

And finally: YES!  Many companies want to get in their 60 minutes of fitness with us. So we specifically designed our Workout With An Olympian session as a true workout that will suit everyone from a novice with little or no experience in the gym all the way to your top super athletes.  We have modifications for all of our exercises and you can choose your own pace.  The one thing we guarantee is that you will break out in a……….sweaty smile!


To learn more about each of our sessions and how they can benefit your group, click here.  

Shannon Happe