Olympians Are Intimidating, Can We Keep Up?


Keeping Up With An Olympian

I totally get it. You see Usain Bolt running the 100 meter dash or Simone Biles flipping and twisting on the balance beam or Michael Phelps winning 9,278 Gold Medals and you think: there is NO way I can keep up with an Olympian. Well, you’re right.  Phew, there I said it!!  

This Is NOT an Olympic Competition

There is no way you can run as fast as Usain Bolt. But there is also no way Usain Bolt can flip and twist like Simone Biles and no way that Simone Biles can swim as fast as Michael Phelps.  So let’s be real.

Inspired By Olympians

Our goal is to inspire your attendees with our stories and the experiences we had in the Olympics so they will go home with a renewed sense of empowerment to do the same for your organization.  While we certainly demonstrate the different activities we will be doing, there is zero, zilch, zip, absolutely no expectation to do them like we do.  Think of us as inspirational storytellers with really fast feet and big muscles.  LOL. 

Workout With An Olympian

However, if you have always wanted your team to dig deep, test their grit, perseverance and put their skills to the test we do have a session to do just that.  It's called Workout With An Olympian and it is definitely one of our favorite sessions.  We go through a proper warmup, exhilarating workout and refreshing cool down to maximize the impact of this session!  As always, we can adjust the ability level to suit all participant needs!!